Chantal Monté

Intuitive. Healer. Teacher.

I’m so happy to start 2012 by sharing an interview with friend and colleague Chantal Monte. Chantal is an energy healer and intuitive consultant whom I first met through our mutual association with Cyndi Dale. Chantal emanates an exquisite, refined, other-worldly energy both in person and in her work (which I have personally experienced and love.) Although trained in multiple modalities, her primary training occurred in Bali. In the following interview I spoke with her about her experiences in Bali, healing as ‘remembering’, her kundalini experiences, and her current work offering kundalini activations and workshops.

I would love to start with hearing about your relationship with, and spiritual training, in Bali. I know this is such a big part of who you are and what you do. When did you first go and why?

I went by myself in 1998, and I had absolutely no idea what to expect spiritually, emotionally, or physically. I knew nothing much about what I was going to arrive into, other than that my grandmother was from Jakarta, Indonesia – she was born and raised there. I grew up in a very Eastern-based household in San Francisco, and from my grandmother I absorbed a lot of the beliefs and lifestyle from her roots in Jakarta.